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My Story,

Dolls have been my life, from my baby dolls as a child to Barbie's in my teens.

I started making cloth dolls as a teenager and would sell them at craft markets. In my 20’s I travelled the world between working as a nurse, and the one thing that came home in my suitcases were dolls. My 30’s saw the birth of 3 daughters, and I was so happy knowing that dolls would fill their world.

When I went shopping, I always ended up in the toy section hunting for the most realistic dolls to give my girls. Berenguer’s were perfect newborn dolls, and I would never have thought 15 years later I would be reborning them.

My mum who also loved dolls, taught me how to make both Porcelain dolls and Teddy bears. We continued that for another 8 years until we discovered Reborn dolls at the Craft show, and a new doll hobby was born.

That was over 20 years ago, and now mum is in aged care with Alzheimer’s spending the hours with her baby dolls. Two of my daughters followed me into reborning, Natalie running the Victorian Reborn doll show with her friend Rebecca.

All my dolls from childhood to now are still with me, I am lucky I have a lovely new doll studio to house them.

Thank You